Saturday, July 14, 2007

More 5th Fest Pictures

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A World of Pain: 5th Annual Fest Trivia Contest

Donnie was a good bowler, and a good man.

This year's trivia contest featured a controversial second round. (Why is everything about Lebowski DC controversial? That's SO unDude...) But, considering it was live, and more about the moment than the questions themselves, and I lost the questions, I'll only post the written portion. The quiz abides:

Pt 1: WHO SAID IT (Attribute the following quotes, and indicate where they were said)

“Guess we can close the file on that one.”

“That had not occurred to us, Dude.”

“If you can’t ride in a car, how do you get around on Shamus?”

“I don’t want to be responsible for any delayed after-effects”

“Darker than a black steer’s toochus on a moonless prairie night.”


Whose toes do we not see close up?
a) Dude
b) Bunny
c) Nihilist woman
d) Maude

What kind of milk does the Dude buy?
a) 2%
b) 1%
c) light cream
d) half & half

What’s the name of the head of the Southern Cal Bowling League?
a) Bill Selliger
b) Karl Burkhalter
c) Tom Franklin
d) John Merriworth

Where was Bunny the whole time?
a) San Diego
b) North Hollywood
c) Palm Springs
d) Las Vegas

Match Donny’s shirt color with the correct name or sponsor.
orange Roy
beige and red Anthony
yellow Park Cleaners Southside
BONUS: Which does he wear twice?

What color is the Dude’s bowling ball?

How old is Larry Sellers?

What does the chief of Malibu (a real reactionary) throw at the Dude?

Who is the first one in the movie to say: “This aggression will not stand.”

Pt 4: Essay (Scored 1 to 10)
Is the Stranger dead or alive? Defend your answer on back.

I also decided I won't be posting answers any more. So, if you'd like to know how you did, just ask me. I'll even score your essay--and maybe one day even write the ultimate answer...

Monday, June 25, 2007

Costume Controversy

The costume contest at the 5th Annual Lebowski DC Don't-Call-Me-"Fest"-Or-The-Real-Lebowski-Fest-Will-Call-Lawyers
showed that, whatever they are, this bunch ain't a bunch of amateurs.

After last year's simple, non-controversial choice, this year's decision, was, well, not exactly a lightweight. In the end, the winner ground up some ingenuity, percolated it through some dedication and brewed up a pot of victory. (I won't tell you what he did with the filter.)

But just because the losers are bereaved doesn't make them saps. So, they have their moment, too, in the West Wing.

Vote for your Lebowski Achiever in the comments. I give you, the Top Five:

1. Is there a Ralph's around here?

2. Are you a Lebowski Achiever?

3. Some Chinaman took them from me in Korea.

4. He has health problems.

5. He fixes the cable?

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Pictures from the 5th Annual Fest

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What's your drink, Dude?

Some Chinaman took them from me in Korea

He fixes the cable?

Are you a Lebowski achiever?

Ever heard of a little show called "Branded"?

Donny was a good bowler, and a good man

You know me, I can't complain

Those are good burgers

No, like I said, Wu peed on my rug

A costume champion, and an amateur

Is there a Ralph's around here?

5th Annual Fest Costume Winner

5th Annual Fest Trivia Winner

The occasional acid flashback

You want a toe?

I'm a Lebowski, you're a Lebowski